Arado 196

balkankreuz German observation Floatplane (1937)

The Arado 196 in brief

The Arado Ar 196 was a German single-engine reconnaissance seaplane used during World War II. It was designed by Walter Blume and produced by the Arado Flugzeugwerke. The Ar 196 was primarily used by the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) for maritime reconnaissance and observation missions. Role: The Ar 196 served as a shipborne reconnaissance aircraft, typically launched from and recovered by catapult-equipped warships. Design and Construction: The Ar 196 had a biplane configuration with a metal framework covered by fabric. Its wings were foldable for easier storage on aircraft carriers or other vessels.

Powerplant: The aircraft was powered by a single BMW 132K nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, providing it with a top speed of around 311 km/h (193 mph). Armament: The Ar 196 was equipped with various defensive armaments, including one or two machine guns for the rear gunner. It could also carry bombs or depth charges for attacking surface targets.

Operational History: The Arado Ar 196 saw service during the early to mid-1940s, operating from German warships such as battleships, cruisers, and pocket battleships. It was also used in a coastal reconnaissance role. Variants: There were several variants of the Ar 196, including floatplane and amphibious versions. The amphibious version, designated Ar 196A-3, had a retractable landing gear for land-based operations.

Successor: The Ar 196 was eventually succeeded by more advanced aircraft as the war progressed, but it remained in service for reconnaissance duties until the end of World War II.

Specifications Arado 196

Crew:2: pilot, observer/gunner
Lenght11 m (36 ft 1 in)
Wingspan12.4 m (40 ft 8 in)
Wing loading98.2 kg/m2 (20.1 lb/sq ft)
Power/mass0.235 kW/kg (0.143 hp/lb)
Height4.45 m (14 ft 7 in)
Wing area28.4 m2 (306 sq ft)
Empty weight2,990 kg (6,592 lb)
Max TO Weight3,720 kg (8,201 lb)
PropulsionBMW 132W 9-cyl. air-cooled radial 782 kW (1,050 hp)
Propeller3-bladed constant speed metal
Top speed332 km/h (206 mph, 179 kn)
Service ceiling7,010 m (23,000 ft)
Rate of climb6 m/s (1,200 ft/min)
Range1,080 km (670 mi, 580 nmi)
Ferry range
Gun Armament7.92 mm (0.312 in) MG 81Z, 7.92 mm MG 17, 2× 20 mm (0.787 in) MG FF/M
Armament underwing2 × 50 kg (110.231 lb) bombs

Arado 196A3 vB Bdflgr 196 Cruiser KMS Prinz Eugen 1941



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